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Taiwan is the birthplace of Asia's Muscovado Sugar manufacturing in this modern era and located in the south, Tainan's "Shing Nan sugar factory" is the first of its kind.

In the early 20th century, my great grandfather Liang Yang inherited Muscovado sugar processing technology from professional Japanese craftsmen and began the tradition of utilizing Muscovado sugar in foods and processes.

His son, Si-Tong Yang then took this traditional art of handcrafted Muscovado sugar a step further to establish the Shing Nan sugar factory in 1952.
From handmade Muscovado to automated manufacturing, the fourth generation torch has been passed onto Yuan Da Yang , who has inherited his great grandfather’s founding spirit in 1952 to lead 52 sugar towards many more generations of craftsmanship and prosperity.

1952 was the start of Asia’s finest Muscovado sugar making and has paved way for the birth of today’s “52 SUGAR”

52 SUGAR Founder: Yuan-Ta Yang
As the fourth generation to inherit the spirit and technology of Shing Nan sugar factory, Muscovado sugar is already in my blood and soul.

I, Yuan-Ta Yang, will harness the technology passed down from generations before me to produce Muscovado sugar that will span across the world. Through 52 SUGAR, I will curate a selection of the world's best Muscovado sugar like that of Shing Nan Sugar Factory. These fine selections will be brought directly to our customers so more people can experience the deliciousness of Muscovado sugar. Our hope is that one day Muscovado Sugar will become more than a product and be listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage!

吾愛糖 四代香

52 SUGAR Technology

5 The ultimate taste
buds to differentiate between
Amber, Longan, Coal, Soft cork, Earth
2 Withstood the test of time
made with the same excitement
as when we first started
Since 1952,
we have inherited taste buds that is 4 generations strong in selecting the best Muscovado sugar
Since 1952,
from handmade to automated manufacturing, we are backed by 70 years of Muscovado sugar processing technology
Since 1952,
we are not only represent our family's Muscovado sugar but dedicated to curate a selection of the world's best Muscovado sugar